Today is a special day for SEOshop and its partners. Last month, a new e-commerce platform was introduced with great success. Today SEOshop announces that it has been acquired by Lightspeed. Lightspeed is the largest supplier of cloud POS systems in the world. As of January 1, SEOshop will be called Lightspeed. Van Ons has the Lightspeed Exact Online link already ready.

“As of January 1, our connections – with a number of new features – will be available to all Lightspeed Exact Online customers. You will find them in the Exact Online App Stores and in the Lightspeed App Store!” – Bas van der Lans, CTO Van Ons

SEOshop about the takeover

“We are extremely proud of the acquisition by Lightspeed POS. Both Lightspeed customers and our own customers benefit from the acquisition. SEOshop customers get access to the possibilities of Lightspeed's mobile Point of Sale solutions and Lightspeed customers can use our e-commerce platform. The acquisition allows sellers worldwide to serve their customers both online and offline via one platform.” – Ruud Stelder, CEO SEOshop

Changing retail landscape

Another strategically important reason for the acquisition lies in a changing retail landscape, says Stelder. 'We only serve online retailers, while we see that more and more retailers want to be active both online and offline. Online retailers want a physical store and entrepreneurs with a brick and mortar business want an online store. That change requires a different approach.' – source: FD

According to Stelder, this consists of linking software for web shops to cash register systems used in physical stores. 'And since Lightspeed is big in those types of cash register systems, the combination of our companies is perfect.' – source: FD

Van Ons congratulates partner SEOshop on this step towards market leadership in the field of e-commerce and POS!

Until January 1, you can connect your SEOshop with Exact Online via our link: