Except iBeacons Last year, Van Ons HQ worked hard on another innovative technology: the new second screen. In 2014 we quietly worked on translating the learnings of our first version “Second Screen” based on WordPress.

Next year there is every reason to throw open our doors and let everyone watch our progress with a version that cannot works with WordPress.

2014: Coffee time

After the launch of the first WordPress based Second Screen for Coffee time At the beginning of 2014 we gained many new insights into the technology and applications. Every system or framework has its advantages and disadvantages. By using WordPress, the Koffietijd editors have an easy-to-use interface at their disposal to send additional information, a quiz or tweets to viewers with an iPad or mobile phone. However, the server infrastructure is just as important. You will find that out very quickly with a few hundred thousand viewers (and an X percentage of those that use the Second Screen).

2015: Second Screen 2.0

As noted, we have been very busy with this last year. We have had discussions with other TV channels and programs. Gained new insights.

Based on all this new information, we have developed Second Screen 2.0. Not based on WordPress, but with Python and Flask. These are not content management systems, but technical frameworks on which we build a system with which the Second Screen can be managed. All this technology runs on Amazon Beanstalk, which allows us to achieve virtually immeasurable scalability: when many viewers switch on the Second Screen, servers are created automatically! If the number of users decreases again, the capacity will also decrease.

The moment arrived on Friday, January 16. The 'new' Second Screen was used for the first time during an alumni event of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Hundreds of students and alumni could participate in polls and a quiz via the Second Screen and were provided with useful information about the event:

second-screen-vu-3 second-screen-vu-1second-screen-vu-2

The first case is therefore a fact! This year we hope to join other universities, TV programs and completely different interested parties. We will keep you informed on this blog!

Interested? Please contact Robert van Eekhout, founder of Van Ons and project leader 'Second Screen 2.0'!