Van Ons has it covered Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision developed an interactive app using iBeacon technology. This app is launched during the well-attended broadcast of the Top 2000 from the Top 2000 Café in Sound and Vision. This year, Sound and Vision again expects big crowds during the 156-hour live broadcast of the NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 from December 25 to December 31. To entertain visitors in the queue and get them into the mood, they can take part in a music quiz. Based on their position in the row, they are shown fragments to which questions are linked. In short: the iBeacontechnology creates an enormous scope of possibilities to turn the passively waiting consumer into an actively involved consumer.

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Van Ons, founded 8 years ago by Robert van Eekhout (28) and Bas van der Lans (26), has focused on the technical realization of online projects since its start in 2006. Their mission? Showing that technology never stands in the way of creativity and vision. Exactly the reason that Van Ons is on top of technological developments and is enthusiastic about iBeacons. Bas van der Lans: “iBeacons are the perfect way to bring the online and offline world together in one experience because actions or measurements can be linked to exact user locations and behavior. After various tests, we will now apply the iBeacon technology for Sound and Vision and we can clearly demonstrate what interesting possibilities this technology offers.”

iBeacon Case Image and Sound
Radha Pleijsant, online marketing strategist Beeld en Geluid: “We have been hosting the Top 2010 with Beeld en Geluid since 2000. The week of the live broadcast on NPO Radio 2 is the busiest week of the year for us, last year we received 25.000 visitors that week. Since the waiting time can easily amount to an hour, we looked for a way to entertain our visitors while waiting, so that the Sound and Vision experience takes place before they even step over the threshold. Van Ons provided the solution, resulting in the interactive music quiz.”

Case description: Test your music knowledge with the quiz
Visitors are encouraged to download the Sound and Vision app in advance and on location via online and offline channels. iBeacons are mounted along the queue. The iBeacons trigger questions about music fragments via the app. The last iBeacon gives the score and a stamp. The score can be shared on social media. The stamp is linked to future incentives.

Radha: “The great thing about the technology is that the usually anonymous visitors can now be identified and we can segment them based on behavior. If this pilot goes well, we want to use this technology more often in order to offer a lot of added value to our visitors.”

Bas adds: “We are very happy that we were able to realize our first iBeacon case with Sound and Vision and we are proud that we devised and built it in a month and a half, including going live. Sound and Vision has invested in the future of waiting with this case! Applications of this technology are very suitable in retail, but also in museums and events, for example. We assume that more great projects in this area will soon follow after this pilot. There are already some things in the pipeline that we cannot elaborate on yet.”

Last December 9, Van Ons collaborated with Sound and Vision presented the case at Online Tuesday, 'The Floor is Yours'. The jury praised them because this is one of the first interactive iBeacon cases.
Van Ons is organizing an iBeacon meetup in February at its office (Herengracht 184, Amsterdam) where cases and new developments about the iBeacon technology are presented.

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About From Us
Van Ons is the largest specialized WordPress agency in the Netherlands and was founded in 2006 by Robert van Eekhout and Bas van der Lans. Their credo is: 'Technology should never get in the way of creativity and vision'. Van Ons realizes technically rich web solutions 'as simple as a cow'. Think of apps, platforms and links. The Van Ons team, consisting of more than ten specialists, works for a renowned customer list. From Talpa to the Bijenkorf. From Unilever to Joolz. But advertising and media agencies also know how to find Van Ons for the technical realization (and, where necessary, aftercare and maintenance) of online projects.

About the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is the audiovisual archive of the Netherlands and the largest of its kind in Europe. The institute stores more than 850.000 hours of radio, television and film. A large part of this has been digitized in recent years. The institute aims to open the archive to this and future generations. Sound and Vision presents its collection in a special way in the Sound and Vision experience.