Since last week, retailer Bruna has started a new campaign to bring school items to the attention of students. The latest and hippest articles are presented through Bruna's webshop. But what if you have no idea what stuff to buy? GoudUberconnected came up with a creative solution for this: Tinder for school supplies!

The web app can be viewed at On behalf of GoudUberconnected, Van Ons developed the web app that allows you to browse through products in a Tinder-like manner. You like some products, so you give them a like, others you don't like, so they can count on a dislike. Your answers will determine which profile you fall within. Have you liked a lot of sporty things? Then you fall into the “Sporty” category and you will see all school articles that have something to do with this theme. Or do you prefer fashion and therefore fall into the “Fashionista” category? The app calculates it all for you! Each product links to the product page on the Bruna web store where the item can be ordered directly.

placeitPixi.JS was used for the technical development of this web app. This is a fast image renderer that can be used cross-device very well. Pixi uses WebGL, but if that is not supported by the browser, a fallback is built in for canvas rendering. Pixi is often used for developing web games, but this technology is also very suitable for a web app like Bruna's.

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