Available from this week: Neurosciences.nu, a discussion platform about brain research founded by Quinten van Geest and Jeroen Geurts. The platform is the result of collaboration between the Brein in Beeld Foundation (science translation) and internet agency Van Ons, which partly sponsored the concept. The project was made financially possible by De Jonge Akademie.

Geurts told Radio 19 on March 1 more about the new website, the fragment is here to listen again (from minute 5).


Brain research is hot. More and more knowledge leads to all kinds of possible applications. But how do we deal with that? This raises questions that should give food for thought in a wide range of people. That is why Neurosciences.nu will go online at the beginning of March: a discussion platform for everyone about applications of brain research in business and society.

Knowledge about the brain is popular. After all, people like to know what's going on in their heads. Insights from neuroscience are also welcome by companies, for example when developing new products or to entice consumers to make purchases. But the government, the educational world and the media are also interested. New knowledge about the brain can lead to complex (ethical) questions that must be discussed broadly in order to arrive at a balanced position.

An example: the recently imposed ban on the sale of alcohol to minors. A good starting point, because the brain is very vulnerable during young adolescence. However, brain research shows that the brain is still developing until the twentieth year of life. Shouldn't the minimum age for the sale of alcohol be further increased to 21? If so, what would the consequences be? If not, why not?

The Neurosciences.nu platform aims to bring together as many people as possible from different sections of society to discuss stimulating questions at the intersection of brain research, society and business. In addition, accessible articles will provide a picture of current neuroscientific research.

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The Brein in Beeld Foundation is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI), which aims to promote science in society. The name “Brein in Beeld” mainly expresses the desire to bring more “brain power” to society and does not necessarily refer to brains or brain research. The underlying idea is that, as far as Brain in Image is concerned, science should be more central to social issues and debates.

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