This week, Van Ons attended a round table discussion with the State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Mona Keijzer. In 2018, the government will come up with one strategy to ensure that everyone in the Netherlands benefits from the digital economy and the State Secretary spoke to researchers, economists and representatives from the business community.

Bas van der Lans was there, together with captains of industry from KPN, DELL, Fox-IT, TomTom, Philips and, and the chairman of the SER and director of VNO-NCW also attended.

Our position: innovation in SMEs is not about drones or blockchain; innovation in SMEs must be about knowledge about the consumer and knowledge of the possibilities of the digital age. If this is the case, all lights are green: Dutch SMEs then have everything it takes to develop major digital strength.

Round table, on the table: Handbook for Digital Effectiveness
State Secretary for Economic Affairs Mona Keijzer and Bas van der Lans

An honor to participate in this round table, for which we are very grateful to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.