Direct debit and sell subscriptions through your WordPress WooCommerce. Without any fuss. A dream of many entrepreneurs. With the Payment Service Provider Module Mollie and Van Ons development, this will soon be possible in no time.

“Mollie chose Van Ons as a development partner because of its proven track record in WordPress development, reputation in the WordPress community and extensive experience in link work. The plugin we are developing will connect seamlessly WooCommerce Subscriptions and makes it possible to receive recurring payments via Direct Debit and Credit Card in an instant.” – Jelle Kaat, Product Manager Mollie

Van Ons is proud of the collaboration with Mollie and looks forward to the launch that will take place in the run-up to WordCamp Netherlands 2016.

Everything about Mollie Recurring payments can be found on this page. The module will be launched in mid-October.

Interested in the module and would you like to stay informed about the launch? Keep our site and @MollieNL keep an eye on Twitter or send us an email!

In the run-up to launch, a WooCommerce Meetup organized in September. Register in advance for free WooCommerce Meetup group to stay informed about the meetup.

Do you need support with the plugin or do you want to know when the plugin will be launched?

Please contact Mollie's support department, they can answer all your questions about the plugin.