Presentation Handbook for Digital Effectiveness during the Entrepreneur's Week

AMSTERDAM – On Tuesday, November 21, on the first day of the Entrepreneur's Week, the SME Handbook for Digital Power will be published. The first copy is presented in the RAI in Amsterdam.

The book, written by internet entrepreneurs Bas van der Lans (29) and Robert van Eekhout (31), contains an effective step-by-step plan for every SME entrepreneur to provide their own online marketing and sales with a positive boost and thus become more competitive. “The crucial question, however, is whether SMEs make enough use of all existing technologies,” says Bas van der Lans. “The book is a blueprint for digital effectiveness for SMEs and web agencies.”

One goes along with the book free video training live.

Asking questions?

“Every entrepreneur knows that technological developments are happening at lightning speed. But how do you, as an entrepreneur, know whether, for example, your website supplier has all the (technical) knowledge in-house to give your organization commercial strength?”

“Does an entrepreneur know what questions to ask? And are the many communications advisors in the Netherlands able to actually take their clients or employers one step further? Does everyone make use of all the possibilities? We discuss this in detail in the manual.”

National mission: independent advice

Bas van der Lans and Robert van Eekhout were inspired in early 2017 when they were visited by officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. “We then exchanged ideas about whether SMEs in the Netherlands are digitally powerful enough. We had several conversations that prompted us to write and publish this book. But it became more: we have also formulated a national mission: by the year 2025, Dutch companies will no longer make bad investments in ICT and digital marketing. SMEs will increasingly link technological possibilities to commercial potential. The purpose of the national mission is independent advice. This is not only good for these companies, it is also good for our collective innovation and competitiveness. So, the Netherlands benefits as a whole.”

Robert van Eekhout, finally: “The key to digital strength is to see everything you do online as a company not as a project but as a process. Continuous learning, improvement and expansion ensure sustainable online success in the long term.”

The book contains tools from the Digital Strength Model that every SME entrepreneur can implement in his own organization.

The website will be launched at the same time as the book online. There you can find free tools such as the Digital Slagkracht Method and a five-day video course. This allows entrepreneurs and web agencies to get started themselves.

The Handbook for Digital Effectiveness is available from November 21 and can now be ordered online at all major bookstores, ISBN Number: 9789082741803.

The free video course can be found here:

About the authors

Bas van der Lans and Robert van Eekhout started their internet agency Van Ons BV in 2006, during their studies. The company grew into a household name in web and app development in the Netherlands, with clients such as Joolz, Koffietijd, Proefdiervrij and hundreds of other SME organizations. Van Ons BV from Amsterdam now has 21 employees. The mission of the organization is that technology should never be an obstacle to business operations. “We go for web solutions that are as clear as a cow.”