USB Beacon Kontakt.ioA Beacon with a stronger and more stable signal that never runs out of battery? launches its USB Beacon. Van Ons will soon be testing this new, more stable USB Beacon in one of its Beacon cases. After having made the first Tough Beacon Case, Van Ons may also launch Europe's first USB Beacon case! has written a message about the possibilities of its USB Beacon. Below is a brief summary of the unlimited possibilities.

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USB Beacon in retail


  • connect the beacon to a POS system to surprise the customer at the end of the customer journey
  • interact with users as you do with other beacons – but without having to worry about battery level and maintenance
  • turn every User device (smartphone or tablet) into a loyalty card

USB Beacon in Out-of-Home (Outdoor Media)

During the second Amsterdam Beacon Meetup organized by Van Ons, Exterion Media, among others, presented about the case they are currently doing in collaboration with Telegraaf. Some Out-of-Home options with the USB Beacon:

  • make it possible for users to immediately purchase an advertised product
  • Install the USB Beacon in PIN machines or other outdoor devices
  • Offer a Beacon network in public transport and open the Beacon network to advertisers and additional service providers.

USB Beacon as part of consumer electronics


  • make every smart device location-dependent.
  • provide access to smart home applications such as opening doors and sending relevant push messages
  • use user location to control light and other switches such as thermostat

USB Beacon at events


  • connect beacons to your ticket system and let your visitors easily register and check in, without taking their phone out of their pocket
  • give away beacons to exhibitors and promoters to enable them to interact with visitors.
  • Install a permanent indoor navigation beacon grid in your location and never worry about its maintenance again. A biannual check is enough!

USB Beacon in workplaces


  • Provide important equipment with Beacons, so that you can always see whether the equipment is in the room and so that you can always find it.
  • lock a door with a beacon to ensure that only authorized people can unlock it.
  • Create beacon-enabled chat rooms to ensure that only those physically present can participate.

Not all of the above options can yet be implemented today, but more stable solutions that are reliable will come in months instead of years. Come and discover with us how Beacons innovate your industry.

Are you serious about working on your Beacon project? Or attend a Beacon presentation or workshop by Bas van der Lans? Contact Van Ons!