With the mercury approaching 20, sunbathing on the beach no longer feels so far away. However, for many young families it is not always very relaxed. After all, you have to keep a close eye on the kids on the crowded beach. Nivea came up with a very cool concept last year to help parents relax a little better!

Of course, we all know Nivea for its skin care products and, during the summer, for its sunscreens. Last year they came up with a smart marketing campaign by alerting parents who were on the beach with young children to the dangers of sunlight (product placing) and at the same time pointing out the danger of your child running away (emotional value).

They did this in the form of an advertisement in a magazine about sunscreen for young children. This advertisement also included a removable bracelet with a small iBeacon mounted on it. You put this bracelet on your child and with the accompanying app you could then set how far your child could be from you.

When your mobile detected that your child went outside the set distance, an alarm went off and you could see where he or she walked. This way, as a parent, you had to pay less attention and you could still enjoy relaxing (and responsible) sunbathing!

Watch the case video here:

From Us and iBeacons

At Van Ons we are also constantly working on new technologies and so are the iBeacon technology. This year, in collaboration with Sound and Vision, we made an iBeacon case for the queue at the Top 2000 café. Read more about this case here.

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