Heatmaps provide insight into where visitors look and click on your website. What if this is also possible in physical environments and you can respond to this on the fly?

With Google Analytics alone you can get a good idea of ​​where visitors go on your website and how long they stay somewhere or leave. However, this does not give you a good idea of ​​how a visitor behaves before he or she ends up somewhere.

Heat maps provide you with this insight. This allows you to see how visitors scroll and click on a page and you can even see where a visitor goes with their cursor and whether or not they click. By combining these insights with the data from Google Analytics, you get a much better picture of how your visitors navigate through the website. With this knowledge you can then make a website even more user-friendly and clear.


Heatmap from www.nytimes.com - Source: www.fastcompany.com
Heatmap from www.nytimes.com – Source: www.fastcompany.com


What if you can also gain such insights in a physical environment such as a museum, for example? Of iBeacons Is that possible! These small Bluetooth 4.0 sensors can see how visitors walk and how long they stay somewhere. By saving all these patterns and constantly analyzing new visitor behavior, it becomes possible to gain insight into the behavior of different types of visitors.

By superimposing the walking behavior of a new visitor on the previously created patterns, it becomes possible to see what other work this visitor is likely to find interesting. This way you can advise every visitor on the fly without him or her having to consciously indicate anything about it!

By using iBeacons you can better guide new visitors through a museum, but you also gain insight into busy places and the most frequently walked routes. This ultimately makes it possible to make a physical environment such as a museum more interesting, make walking routes more logical and ultimately improve the visitor experience!

This application of iBeacons can also be used by retailers. For example, heat maps in a store can provide a much better picture of shopping behavior and you can adjust the layout of the store accordingly. Ultimately, with a better layout you can generate more sales!


From Us and iBeacons

At Van Ons we are also constantly working on new technologies and so are the iBeacon technology. This year, in collaboration with Sound and Vision, we made an iBeacon case for the queue at the Top 2000 café. Read more about this case here.

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