After all the previous blogs, it may now be clear that iBeacon technology can be used in many different sectors and in many ways. In Italy there is recently a zoo that also uses an iBeacon app that not only makes the visit more fun, but also more educational!

By using iBeacons in the park, it becomes possible to provide visitors with fun and interesting additional content at relevant times on top of the existing information facilities. Visitors use their own mobile phone in combination with the ZOOM iBeacon app.

After installing the app, visitors can see where they are on the interactive map. This makes it immediately clear where events are taking place at that moment. Quizzes can also be played with questions determined by your current location. This makes learning new things about animals more fun and accessible! Furthermore, the app can be used to collect items and discount vouchers that can be redeemed in the park. In this way, interaction and learning within the zoo are stimulated and at the same time become one Conversion made to making purchases within the park. A great concept, for which all praise goes to LabWerk and Lab239!

At Van Ons we are also constantly working on new technologies, including iBeacon technology. While the development and delivery of content costs a lot of money and time, we currently see an opportunity to make the technology more accessible to more venues. There are so many locations in the Netherlands alone that can become more fun, interesting and educational with technology. If technical, creative and editorial parties join forces, it becomes possible to make every place in the Netherlands even more special with iBeacon technology.


From Us and iBeacons

At Van Ons we are also constantly working on new technologies and so are the iBeacon technology. This year, in collaboration with Sound and Vision, we made an iBeacon case for the queue at the Top 2000 café. Read more about this case here.

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