There are not many things more traditional than coffee, but the popular My Starbucks Rewards app may make it possible in the US to get your hot cup of energy to the front door in a very contemporary way!

Many retailers now know that customer loyalty is important. However, how to get customers loyal often turns out to be a lot more difficult. The My Starbucks Rewards app has succeeded in this by providing loyal coffee drinkers with discounts and freebies. With more than 9 million customers already using the app, of which 1 million users were added in the month of December alone, it can be called a great success.

Starbucks probably already has enough loyal customers to make them walk around the block for a cup of coffee, but many more loyal (and lazy) customers will join them if they don't even have to get up for it anymore!

That may soon become possible. The Starbucks app is being expanded with an ordering and payment application that no longer requires you to stand at the cash register. This way you can place an order and pay without having to wait in line.

With Starbucks' plans to set up a delivery service in the near future, we see a great opportunity to combine this with the already popular app. Who knows, maybe fixing your Caffè Latte will be easier than replacing the water in your Senseo...

From Us and iBeacons

At Van Ons we are also constantly working on new technologies and so are the iBeacon technology. This year, in collaboration with Sound and Vision, we made an iBeacon case for the queue at the Top 2000 café. Read more about this case here.

Interested in a iBeacon application? Then contact us!