GeenPeil, the organization that put the Ukraine referendum on the map, is launching a special website to help volunteers with their referendum campaign. The site points out areas where volunteers can best go door to door or hand out flyers said NOS.

The referendum is coming. NoLevel en Political Academy have joined forces to make the referendum in April a success. The most effective way of campaigning is through one-on-one conversations: canvases. Political Academy has analyzed the elections in the Netherlands. Analyzes have been made - in an innovative way - based on turnout and voting behavior, resulting in the possibility of fine-grained campaigning.

To do this on a large scale, the Political Academy has devised a tool around the devised algorithms: e-Canvassers.

Political Academy, GeenPeil and Van Ons have joined forces to realize this tool from A to Z in a few weeks. Yesterday the tool was presented to volunteers and the press in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

Effective Campaigning with Micro-targeting

Political Academy has three guidelines for conducting an effective campaign. Strategy sounds simple. There is no point in going to areas where you mainly:

  • hits opponents from your own point of view
  • affects people who are not going to vote anyway
  • affects people who are of no use to you

The tool must ensure a successful campaign.

“If we soon have two thousand or even 2500 volunteers on the streets, we want to prevent people from handing out leaflets in the same street, while no flyers are delivered in other streets.”
– Bart Nijman, GeenPeil.

One-on-one conversations are the best strategy to stimulate turnout in elections and referenda:

“We have already achieved proven results in the past elections with our algorithms. The fact that we are now going to work with an online tool for the first time – and thus lower the barriers even further and increase impact – makes me very enthusiastic!”
– Frank van Dalen, Chairman of the Political Academy

e-Canvasser Tool

With the tool, dozens of “Golden” campaigners can manage and optimally deploy the thousands of campaigners on the streets.

“On behalf of Van Ons, we are proud to make such a significant contribution to Dutch and European democracy with the Political Academy and GeenPeil.”
– Bas van der Lans, Technical Director of Ons

Yesterday GeenPeil and the Political Academy presented the tool in Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. In March, the tool will be used daily by more than 3.000 volunteers!