Do you have a lot of data in Excel and do you want to present it in your WordPress website? Which can. And how.

The Indexus Group is a rapidly growing asset manager with offices in Amsterdam, Heerenveen and Eindhoven. Indexus specializes in so-called Trackers. Thousands of types of trackers are traded on all major stock exchanges in the world. Indexus has collected a lot of information about all those trackers in an Excel sheet and Indexus has recently started offering that information to its customers on the Indexus Tracker Database.

Van Ons developed a WordPress website in which Indexus can easily and quickly upload Excel sheets containing the information from the trackers. A custom post type is created for each line and the information can be searched quickly and clearly by the visitor. Excel and WordPress: a golden marriage. Just like Van Ons and Indexus, by the way.