Delft, April 24, 2015 – On April 23, the second Exact Online Connect event took place at the Exact Online headquarters. Part of this event is the presentation of the first Exact Online App Awards. Since July 2014, a variety of apps developed by Van Ons have been available in the Exact Online App Center. The WordPress WooCommerce App has been nominated by Van Ons as one of the best new Apps in the App Center. 

WooCommerce Exact Online Connect NominationVan Ons' vision is that reliable connections between shops, sites, CRMs and administrations should be accessible to every serious entrepreneur.

“The ambition in the coming months is to develop more and more Apps that make this possible – including for WordPress, SEOshop, Shopify, Exact Online, AFAS & Salesforce – so that every web builder, shop builder and ERP specialist can connect the building blocks reliably and affordably. We will do this under the label ConnectPush.” – Bas van der Lans, CTO Van Ons BV

Van Ons' offering Apps in Exact Online's App Store are a robust foundation and a good step in the rollout of vise and ambition!

With the award ceremony, Exact wants to reward established apps that demonstrate their added value Exact Online App Center have already proven, as recently added apps that already have a lot of impact in a short time. In the App Center you will find an overview of all apps that can be linked to Exact Online. In addition to the winner Visionplanner Cloud, the Dealer4Dealer Magento app and Payt also ended up in the top 3 for the Best App award. Convect Beheer ultimately remained in the Rookie App category WordPress WooCommerce and Team Leader for.

WooCommerce Exact Online Connect NominationThe nomination for Rookie App 2014 – awarded to only three of the 112 Dutch apps – is great appreciation and an extra incentive to achieve the goals!

The award for best Rookie App went to the App from Convect Beheer. Van Ons congratulates Lennart van Ommen and his team on this award!

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