Utrecht, October 14, 2015 – Van Ons will be working with an international team in the Jaarbeurs with an Exact Online Beacon concept: ordering beer with a Beacon App. With an international team - two of our programmers work from Shanghai and San Francisco - we show what Beacons in combination with Exact Online can bring in the future.

Team Of Our Exact Hackathon

Exact Hackathon Beacons From Us

  • Robert van Eekhout, Utrecht, project leader
  • Bas van der Lans, Utrecht, developer
  • Derk-Jan, San Francisco, developer
  • Machiel, Shanghai, developer

Jurjen Boss: “Van Ons shows that collaboration is possible regardless of location. Cool though!"

The concept pitches of all ten participants will be at the end of the afternoon. This will be followed by an awards ceremony on the big stage.

This message will be updated during the day – which starts at 6:45 am!

07: 48 - Jurjen Boss the Hackathon opens this morning and all teams are ready. Robert and Bas are ready in Utrecht and Machiel is working from Shanghai.


08:26 – The first media attention is a fact! 😉


09:52 – First inspection of jurjen en Harold. We stroll through the Jaarbeurs with beers. Hostesses ask us with interest and caution whether we have started the drinks yet. No, not yet, these are purely test attributes!


10:31 – Our developer Machiel calls in from Shanghai.
Screen Shot at 2015 10-14-10.25.18

11:40 – Lunch has been delivered, but everyone is busy hacking away!

IMG_3172 IMG_3176

13:02 – Bas gives a workshop “Great Growth with your own webshop”!

14:25 – Just a little while and then the concepts have to be presented. So work on the pitch! #Sneak preview

16:02 PM – The pitches have started!


16:16 PM – Van Ons' pitch has just finished, now the other 8 teams!

17:24 PM – The pitches are over! The jury is now deliberating, exciting! And in the meantime we wait in the red tent.

17:53 – The Winner is…. Predictr! An app to retrieve data from Exact that allows you to immediately check how much money you can potentially raise from a bank or investor. Cool!