On Thursday, May 26, the Emerce Digital Marketing Live! was held in the Beurs van Berlage! event organised. The latest trends in the field of digital marketing and advertising, presented by speakers from every nook and cranny of the marketing landscape, spread over no fewer than 7 internships. Van Ons was present and filtered out the interesting developments for you.

Make it personal

The common denominator of all the talks we attended is making the customer's online experience personal. And by personal we also mean: make it relevant. A news item with your own name above it and content that specifically responds to your wishes is always more effective than a generic message. Or present the latest offer from your store at the moment to your customers to walk by, not when they are sitting on the couch at homeThey are in the area after all and then such a message has even more impact. A smart solution for this is beacon technology, read all about it on our solutions page!

How do you make an online experience personal? Based on data. You need to know as much as possible about the customer to create a good personal experience. What we hear in several talks is that the importance of your own “data management platform” is increasing. Companies need to aggregate data about customers from multiple sources and offer personalized content based on that. This data comes, for example, from apps, email marketing campaigns, CRM systems and data collected via Paid Media.

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Think Cross Device

The time when customers only accessed the internet on 1 device is far behind us. Consumers orientate focused on mobile and buy on tablet or desktop. It is therefore important that you can identify your customer from the very first moment. Only then can you view the entire customer journey and optimize it. How do you best track the customer from A to Z? With “ID Tracking”. For example, the customer must log in to the app or mobile site to continue. Unfortunately, cookies are not always the solution, because they cannot measure behavior across devices. If you visit a site on your mobile phone and then visit the same site on your desktop, cookies cannot easily link the two visits together.

Your customers orient themselves on mobile, but buy on tablet or desktop. Identifying a customer from the first step is crucial to get a correct picture of the customer journey

Focus on mobile

Social Embassy has conducted research showing that 4 out of 10 companies do not yet have a mobile strategy. 61% have a “mobile ready” website, but 39% do not. And to think that 65% of shoppers consult their mobile phone during the shopping. Mobile is important. Millennials spend an average of 2 hours and 40 minutes on Facebook per day. Focus on mobile is essential.

Optimizing for mobile is sometimes easier than it seems. For example, create a vertical video instead of a traditional 16:9 ratio. Much easier to look away! Or how about Hotels.com's solution for the Facebook and Instagram videos that are initially muted (70%-80% of users don't turn the sound on!). Check: