Hi there!

Between the bitterballen and the beer I write this welcome word. Because we would like to go live with this page. Because I want to. Because if I can inspire you now, here, at this moment, then one of my missions has been accomplished.

From U.S is experiencing tremendous growth and we could use more hands and more brain power. Van Ons builds websites and mobile applications, so there is mainly room for programmers. To create for customers such as Talpa, de Bijenkorf and Etos!

We really enjoy our work and put a lot of time and care into it. The web must look nice and work well. Technology and code, which can be difficult or even incomprehensible to many, should not prevent ideas from getting off the ground. Creativity, entrepreneurship and rock 'n roll must always continue and if we see an opportunity to help with that, we will do so.

If beautiful code makes you happy, I would be happy to meet with you. You can come by on Friday afternoon, but the Monday afternoon drinks are just as legendary. Otherwise, spend a day at the office or drink coffee with us in one of the nearby cafes. I can be reached at jeffrey@van-ons.nl

For now I wish you a great weekend from Friday afternoon drinks!