Flowers and plants. We all buy them sometimes, but not nearly often enough. Royal FloraHolland came to Vandejong to change that. Looking for innovation and an innovative approach to get the public to look at flowers and plants differently. Not as pure decoration, but as tools that can be used in all facets of our lives. In recent months, Vandejong has worked intensively with the Royal FloraHolland innovation team to put together a special program based on this new strategy. 

Commissioned by – and in collaboration with – Vandejong Van Ons developed this website. The new leader of the portfolio in terms of design and front-end.

Royal FloraHolland, Vandejong and Van Ons are incredibly proud of the result:

  • A user-friendly website with CMS in which absolutely EVERYTHING is customizable.
  • A rich variety of playful elements in design and interaction: animations, scroll, fades, everything.
  • A powerful corporate identity and yet a platform on which partners and projects take the perfect stage.

Let it Grow in the press

The launch of the site has received extensive attention from the press!

Van Ons congratulates Royal FloraHolland and Vandejong on this textbook example of innovative content marketing!