This morning in the 'Doing Business With' section on BNR, attention was paid to the 'Handbook for Digital Slagkracht', written by Bas van der Lans and Robert van Eekhout. 

Floris Venneman – entrepreneur and co-owner of Bureau Vijftig is a member of BNR's entrepreneurial panel and mentioned the book several times.

“Many entrepreneurs unknowingly ignore opportunities. You are endangering your future!” – Floris Venneman

“An entrepreneur often says: 'I don't do anything with it, because I know nothing about it.' Unknown means unloved, I think that many entrepreneurs are consciously incompetent. The Handbook for Digital Effectiveness makes readers consciously competent.” – Floris Venneman

Listen to the fragment here (from minute 3):

The Handbook for Digital Effectiveness will be available later this year.

Here you can read all about the contents of the book.