Amsterdam, June 25, 2015 – Van Ons developed its second iBeacon App on behalf of and Somedialoog: Stampions. The app is a treasure hunt along cultural heritage in the Zaan region and is presented this afternoon by the Province of North Holland: Make your mark on North Holland.

iBeacon App Stampions tests
iBeacon App Stampions tests

Last weekend the App was extensively tested one more time. As of today, the App can be downloaded from the iOS App Store for every iPhone user.

City on the Zaan Beacon AppStampions has won an award from the province of North Holland - HollandCall - and is part of Stad aan de Zaan. The concept is as strong as it is simple:

  • Collect as many different digital stamp plates as possible at museums, monuments and restaurants along the Zaan.
  • Use the instructions in this app to find the striking yellow-red-blue stamps and put a unique free souvenir on your iPhone on the spot!
  • The game ends on November 1, 2015. The person with the most digital stamp prints will receive a package of Zaanse regional products as a reward.

Explanation of the concept in this video:

Download Beacon App StampionsAfter the Beacon Case with Sound and Vision last December, this is the second iBeacon app that Van Ons has published. A third iBeacon app will be available in the store in July, marking a worldwide first. Van Ons' Beacon research partner Media 599. The name of the Beacon app Stampions was developed by Van Ons' friends The Name Department.

Van Ons thanks and Somedialoog for their confidence in the development of the award-winning concept. This afternoon at 15:45 PM the Beacon app Stampions will be launched for the Dutch press. You can register here!