Van Ons has realized several Beacons cases: the first Interactive Beacon case in the Netherlands during Top 2.000. Then world first Beacons on animals (see our Alpaca case), an case about the province of North Holland and there are several more in construction. A logical question that our specialists are asked every day is: what are Beacons, how do they work and what can you do with them? 

In response to these questions, Van Ons is launching one today expanded Beacon 101!

To discover what Beacons are – and get an idea of ​​what you can do with them, here's an infographic from one of our Beacon suppliers that gives an introduction:

What are Beacons and what can you do with them?

Want to learn more about Beacons or apply Beacons?

Want to learn more about Beacons? Van Ons gives regularly Beacon workshops, Beacons inspiration sessions and Beacon Presentations.

Check out our extensive Beacon 101 here!From Our Beacons