Amsterdam, October 27, 2015 – Time flies. Van Ons has been around for nine years today at 13:37 PM. Last weekend we celebrated this nine-year anniversary with the team! Van Ons thanks its customers, partners and team for nine years of rich, clear web solutions.

Nine years of Ours in a nutshell:

  • More than eight years of experience with WordPress
  • The Netherlands' first interactive Beacon Case: for Sound and Vision during the top 2.000
  • The world's first Beacon case with Beacons on animals
  • Cases for public and commercial TV, from Talpa's Koffietijd to BNNVARA
  • Integrations made with more than 50 different platforms
  • The technical development engine behind more than 10 fully-fledged marketing departments
  • From attic room to schoolroom in Amsterdam West, to the Center to the characteristic building on the corner of Raadhuisstraat and Herengracht, where we offer our customers and partners, more than 15 of our own and 10 external employees, an inspiring workplace

Some facts about Van Ons' growth in recent years

  • Since 2006, Van Ons has outgrown its business four times. They have now found a suitable accommodation at Herengracht 184 that is not only suitable in terms of size but also in terms of appearance.
  • Started developing WordPress websites and have now become very skilled in applications, links, platforms and other online techniques. Van Ons can count itself as one of the largest specialized WordPress agencies in the Netherlands.
  • From smaller brands, companies and self-employed people that Van Ons has served since its start, they now count major players such as, Bijenkorf, Decathlon, Talpa, Sanoma, Beeld & Geluid, Beemster Kaas, Mövenpick, Joolz and New York Media Group to their clients as well as various advertising and communications agencies.
  • The number of employees is growing. As of February 1, the counter stands at 14. With the expansion of the team, Van Ons can take on more projects and delve deeper into specific expertise such as API connections and server architecture. Some programmers are dedicated to a number of customers and projects, such as the link with Exact Online and the technology of the new Second Screen.

Source: Emerce, “Rich web solutions as clear as a cow: Our unique approach results in growth”

Customers, partners and team: thank you for the cooperation so far!

We would like to thank the 500 plus customers we have worked for over the past nine years, the dozens of partners we work with and everyone who has helped Van Ons in any way!

Van der Lans and Van Eekhout are proud of the collaboration and the expanded agency: “On to ten years, twenty years and – royally it will probably be – 100 years!”