The 'State of SMEs' report recently showed that only 10% of Dutch SMEs are growing. This means that 90% of Dutch SMEs are not growing (!). The Handbook for Digital Effectiveness – written by Robert van Eekhout and Bas van der Lans provides solutions for the challenges faced by SMEs in the Netherlands. Reason for Ronnie Overgoor from 7 Ditches to invite Van der Lans to share his five entrepreneurial lessons!

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Ready for Digital Power in your organization?

The Handbook for Digital Effectiveness can be purchased at any online bookstore; from Bol to, and from Bruna to Scheltema bookhouse in Amsterdam.

In addition, to support the book, there is a 5-day video workshop with 15 minutes of video per day plus questions to help you get started with your Digital Power.

This video workshop is temporarily accessible for free: Reserve your spot here!

About this video

Ronnie Overgoor interviewed Bas in his program “Entrepreneurial Lessons”. View the range of more than a hundred inspiring videos on 7 Ditches!