SimplyGers was looking for a company that offers design, UX and development services and proactively thinks about SEO and adding new functionalities. After completion, maintaining the new appearance and continuing to renew the webshop is also important. 


In 2023, SimplyGers arrived at Van Ons' doorstep and we started this cool project. Publicity agency Alfred had already done the preliminary work by developing the brand strategy. Van Ons translated this strategy into a completely new, fresh and accessible corporate identity and website with carefully chosen colors and striking click elements.

The order flow was thoroughly examined. From orientation to sales and tracking the order status, the process has been strategically developed and tested and logical routes have been designed for different users. 

Neurofied examined the design and flow on neuro- and behavioral principles. How do you gain customer confidence even faster? And what type of images do you use to show the customer the product in their home? Based on this, further optimization followed.


SimplyGers received a tailor-made webshop, which was developed with the PHP framework Laravel and the powerful Statamic CMS. This webshop has seamless integration with the product configurator and back office of SimplyGers developed and managed by SimplyGers. 

Integrations with Google and Trustpilot for reviews were added, and with the custom-made module, Gers can easily schedule current content to show around TV episodes.

Products can be tagged in photos in the webshop, for a Gerse experience. This makes it immediately clear to customers which product is in the photo.

For customers who do not yet know which product is the right choice, Van Ons created a tailor-made decision aid. After 5 questions it is clear which door or wall is most suitable for the customer's specific situation.

Sound fragments were developed to demonstrate the effect of acoustic wall panels. You can switch in real time between a recording in a room with and without acoustic panels. It's like being able to put glasses on and off while watching.

SEO optimization and hassle-free peak loads

The new SimplyGers website is completely SEO optimized, with a focus on speed and structured data. A well-thought-out caching strategy, where content is stored regularly and yet remains up to date, ensures that the website is fast in every situation. Even during peak loads, such as during TV broadcasts VTWonen in love again on your house and Buy Without Looking

"Van Ons has a keen eye for design and thinks about the development and further development of our website in detail.”

What does the customer think?

"Their quick response and proactive involvement make collaboration smooth and efficient. We are very satisfied with the end result!"

Laura van den Oever

Website Marketer @GewoonGers

Glide helps serve images by cropping them to the expected size on the fly. This means that custom images are served, which ensures efficiency and speed.

We use Livewire for this website, which allows us to quickly add dynamic elements to a page without using a JavaScript framework, such as React or Vue. This has also been used in the decision aid: a dynamic quiz that advises users on purchasing a product based on their preferences.

An advantage of Livewire is that we can generate all content on the server, as is usual within PHP. This makes the website easily indexable for search engines, without having to compromise on the User Experience (speed). 

Further development

The brand new SimplyGers webshop was completed to our complete satisfaction in March 2024. At Van Ons we are proud that we have been asked to further develop the website for a fixed number of hours per week. We are currently working on our own customer environment (MijnGers) and a component database. The latter ensures that new products can be developed in the right style without the intervention of a designer.


SimplyGers is the specialist in custom doors, walls and acoustic panels. Everything is made for a fixed price, without surprises, from our own factory in Vlaardingen.

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