From bare plot to castle

Investing is important. Whether it is on your website or in real estate. The real estate investors at Great Property Experience (GPE) know that too. They just wanted more than just investing. Not only did they want them to invest with their company, but they wanted to have a completely unique environment for their own investors. Being able to invest in real estate online, safely and easily.

We immediately knew what to do with their request and after a strategic session we rolled up our developers' sleeves to build a complete digital environment for GPE, called MyGPE. Developed with Laravel. From foundation to dormer window. Everything included. With possibilities for further expansion.

The customer's customer is king

The user environment has become the absolute gem of the website. Users can perform all the tasks that a real estate investor actually does, but completely digitally. Not only a smart environment developed with Laravel, but also one with different hierarchies, in which different types of users have access to exclusive tools and resources. From free user to premium. It is also important that the environment is well secured, because a lot of sensitive information is exchanged. With the user platform, but also between users themselves. A number of elements that have been incorporated into the website:

  • Complete user environment
  • User hierarchy
  • Possibility to exchange documents
  • A tool to determine real estate values
  • Learning environment with courses and training (LMS)
  • Reservation module for real estate
  • Document exchange system (DMS)
  • ISO certified hosting for privacy-sensitive data

That user environment was created. Users can choose different (paid) models in which they gain access to increasingly exclusive functions and modules. These are all custom made with Laravel. From simple chat and forum modules to complete learning environments.

It is therefore easy for users to follow training and courses through their own user environment. The one we implemented LMS (learning management system) ensures that the user immediately has a nice overview of the courses offered. With implemented videos and a design that shows progress, the user immediately sees what to expect.

The icing on the user cake

Such a user environment where everyone can chat, learn and exchange documents about real estate is all well and good, but the customer wanted more. They wanted us to create something that would provide unique value to the user. And so we developed a real estate analysis tool where the user can immediately look up all relevant data for a piece of land or a building. The Proranq tool.

Our developers worked hard to build this tool based on data, an algorithm, blood, sweat and tears. And so the Proranq tool designed. A handmade, user-friendly tool, complete with dashboard and all. An ingenious piece of technology, if we say so ourselves.

In any case, it shows that no request is too crazy for us to carry out. As long as we feel that we can deliver the quality that the customer expects from us, we will get to work on it. This is how we often achieve feats when it comes to custom development. With WordPress and Laravel in this case.

Laravel Nova for CMS

The Laravel ecosystem lends itself perfectly to a complex website such as MyGPE. A completely new CMS has been developed with the help of Laravel Backpack. Backpack accelerates CRUD development time and makes it possible to add complex features with just a few lines of code. You can quickly configure a Laravel Backpack dashboard with simple PHP code.

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